Banjos & Resonators

As one of the most important instrumental voices in American music genres, the banjo has bright, articulate tones and a unique bounce. Another American staple is the resonator guitar and its iconic metal cones. To honor music born in the U.S., LAWK STAR Guitars offers as selection of banjos and resonator guitars.  

Banjo Buying Guide


  • Four-string banjo: Available as plectrum banjos (22 frets) and tenor banjos (17 or 19 frets)
  • Five-string banjo: The most popular banjo type because it offers the most versatility
  • Six-string banjo: Has the same notes as guitars, making it a good crossover instrument

Open versus Closed Back

Banjos with closed, or resonator, backs are louder than those that are open. This is good if you don’t have amplification.

Details to Seek

  • Closed gear pegs
  • The instrument’s components don’t buzz or rattle when you play it
  • Dual wood bridge
  • Multi-layer rim construction
  • Geared fifth string, if applicable
  • Strings easily make contact with the frets

Resonator Buying Guide

Design Choices: Tri-cone: The original resonator design; three metal cones produce a smooth, complex sound. Single-cone, biscuit: Uses one cone; produces a louder, brash tone. Single-cone, spider: Uses one cone and has a spider bridge; produces a nasal-like tone

Neck Type: A resonator with a round neck is best if you want to hold the instrument like an acoustic guitar. If you prefer to play it on your lap, choose a square-neck resonator.

Body Construction: All-metal resonator guitars have a more brash sound than those made with wood. Wood produces a more organic, warm sound.

Whether you seek a new banjo or resonator guitar, the most important thing to consider is the style of music you want to play and the sound you like. At LAWK STAR, we know that once you find the right instrument, you’ll never want to put it down.

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