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7 String Guitars

Ascending into the world of seven-string guitars is nothing less nirvana. While guitars with six strings date back to the Renaissance days, seven-string models didn’t make a significant appearance until the 1930s, when jazz guitarists sought a low A or B. It wasn’t until the emergence of alternative metal in 1990s that seven-string guitars gained true popularity. Musicians couldn’t get enough of the additional pitch range and the greater scope of musical expression. At LAWK STAR Guitars, we’re proud to offer seven-string guitars by Paul Reed Smith, Dean and Schecter.   

Seven-String Guitar Buying Guide

Tonewood: The type of wood on an electric seven-string guitar makes a significant difference in how it sounds. It’s not unusual for a guitar to have wood on its neck and fretboard that’s different than the wood on the body. When you know what type of sound you want your guitar to have, find a tonewood that suits your taste.

Necks: Guitar necks have flat or rounded shape. When choosing a guitar, it’s important to keep in mind that the necks on seven-string guitars are wider by nature and widths vary by guitar model. When shopping for a seven-string guitar, look for one that has a neck that feels comfortable in your hand.                                                              

Scale Length: Seven-string guitars have scale lengths that generally vary between 25.5 and 27 inches, and the differences affect their playability and tone. While some claim that certain scale lengths are the best, it really depends on the nimbleness of your hands and how far your fingers can comfortably reach. Guitars with longer scales tend to have deeper tones and that frets spaced further apart from each other.

Bridge Type: The bridge on a seven-string guitar greatly affects how it sounds. Those with tremolo bridges are best for bending strings and may come with accessories that keep the strings from un-tuning. Stoptail bridges tend to be more stable because they’re fixed to the body.

Named one of the top three online dealers in the U.S. by the National Association of Music Merchants in 2014, LAWK STAR Guitars offers guitars and accessories that you can’t find at other music stores. Your satisfaction is always our priority.  

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