12 String Guitars

12 String Guitars

There’s always room for one more guitar in your collection, and a 12-string beauty may be the perfect new addition. The instrument has richer, warmer tones than its six-string counterpart thanks to its twin sets of strings. To create the chorus-like effect, the lower strings are tuned an octave apart, while the higher strings are tuned to the same octave. Since the strings are so close together, you fret each pair with one finger. The beauty of a 12-string guitar is that you can remove half of the strings, if the need arises, to create a 6-string instrument. At LAWK STAR, we offer a 12-string cutaway acoustic-electric guitar by Breedlove.

12-String Guitar Buying Guide

  • Acoustic-electric versus electric: While one type of guitar isn’t better than the other, consider the sound that you want to produce. If you want something that you can strum and use as a percussive instrument, you may prefer an acoustic guitar. If you want a guitar with distinct modulation at the upper end, like George Harrison’s 12-string Rickenbacker, you may want a 12-string electric guitar.
  • Necks: Choose a 12-string guitar with a neck width that feels comfortable. The necks on 12-string guitars are a bit wider than traditional 6-string guitars, but are not as wide as classical guitars. The wood in the neck should be of good quality to give it strength and durability, as well as produce a balanced tone.
  • Bridge: You should not be able to slip a business card between the bridge and the guitar’s body. In a quality 12-string, the area of the body below the bridge is flat and bulge-free.

Challenge yourself and add depth to your musical skills with a 12-string guitar. If you have questions about finding the right guitar for your preferred musical style, don’t hesitate to contact LAWK STAR.

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