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    A guitar wah pedal gives your playing an expressive voice and adds harmonic effects when you move the resonant peak up or down. While it’s popular among rock musician, bassists enjoy the effect because of the tone boosts produced. LAWK STAR Guitars can fulfill your dream of having the classic wailing sound for yourself with wah pedals by companies such as: Dunlop, MXR, T-Rex, Tech 21 and Boss.

    Choosing a Wah Pedal

    Wah Effects: There are two basic types of pedals on the market: one carries on a tone when you press the pedal, while the other pedal starts and stops the effect when you push and release it. The first type described is a dual wah pedal, as you can intensify the effect by pushing the pedal a second time.

    Transistors and Inductors: As you shop for a wah pedal, make a note of the number of transistors in your top choices. The number of built-in transistors affects the number of effects that you can play. A basic pedal generally has two transistors.

    The classic noise that comes from a wah pedal is thanks to a Fasel inductor. Pedals with different types of inductors make different sounds. The model you choose should have a sturdy inductor so you can maximize the pedal’s life.

    Guitar Type: A wah pedal that works well with an electric guitar may not sound hot with a bass. If you have a bass, look for pedals made specifically for your instrument. These pedals generally have an envelope filter that will make your sound more crisp and clear, and remove tonal impurities.

    The popularity of wah pedals makes them almost a staple on pedal boards or chains. If you need help finding a guitar wah pedal to create your signature tone, the pros at LAWK STAR are more than happy to help.

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