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Volume Pedals

Tired of messing with your guitar’s volume knob to get those sick fade-ins and swells? If so, it’s time for a volume pedal. This type of guitar effects pedal frees up your hands, quickly becoming one of the most-used stompboxes on a pedal board. For this reason, it’s important to find one that’s built to last and sounds exactly the way you want. At LAWK STAR Guitars, we’re proud to offer volume pedals by Dunlop, Rocktron, Boss & Crybaby.

What to Look for in a Volume Pedal

  • Taper: A pedal’s taper should be smooth so your swells sound continuous. If you’re picky about the swell’s range, look for a pedal with an adjustable taper. As you shop for volume pedals, notice how quickly the volume increases when you rock them forward. As a swell develops, you should not hear any “bumps” in the volume that make your tone sound unsmooth.
  • Resistance: Volume pedals come with different resistance levels. Guitars with passive pickups generally need pedals with higher resistance levels than those with active pickups.
  • Mono versus stereo: Mono volume pedals mix your audio signals and route them through one audio channel. Stereo volume pedals split the audio signals, routing them through at least two audio channels. In general, stereo pedals have more depth and provide more direction perception.
  • Features: Look for a volume pedal that has a volume control, tuner output and a micro-taper switch.

The most important consideration when choosing a volume pedal is the sound that it produces when you play. As you shape your own sound, never hesitate to contact LAWK STAR for help with pairing you with the perfect volume pedal.

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