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Power Supplies

Once you start collecting guitar pedal effects, you’ll find that they burn through batteries quickly, have different power requirements and some need more power than a battery can provide.  To solve these problems and keep you power output level constant, a power supply unit is the answer. At LAWK STAR Guitars, you’ll find power supplies for your effects pedals by T-Rex Pedals, Planet Waves, MXR, Dunlop, Tech21, SKB and more.

Guitar Effect Pedal Power Supply Buying Guide

If you have a few pedals, a separate adaptor for each may suffice.

Some pedal manufactures sell power supply systems that allow you power multiple pedals. This is good if you are a brand loyalist. If you purchased a pedal manufacturer’s power supply and use different pedal brands, make sure the pedals that require the same voltage and polarity, and make sure the current rating for the power supply is greater than the amount of power that the pedals require.

If you like to use a variety of pedals, prevent shorted circuits by using a more sophisticated power supply system. Their outputs are electrically isolated from each other and fed from separate windings to the main transformers. This allows the voltage to remain stable and keeps hum to a minimum. These types of systems may seem more expensive, but they’re ultimately less expensive than replacing short-circuited pedals.

If you need help finding the right type of power supply for your pedals, the experts at LAWK STAR are always happy to help.

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