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Pedal Boards

Effects pedals are a significant investment in your musical creativity, and pedal boxes are the ideal way to manage and protect them. They help make your life simpler and smarter because they are portable boards and allow you to quickly plug and play. At LAWK STAR Guitars, we offer a selection of pedal boards, cases and gig bags.

Pedal Board Buying Guide

Size: Before shopping for a pedal board, know what size you need. Do this by arranging your pedals over a large piece of paper or cardboard, as you would on a pedal board. Then measure how much space they occupy. Compare this measurement to the pedal boards of interest. Keep in mind that a power board that’s bigger than your current needs gives you room to grow.

Flat versus Angled Surfaces: If you have a few pedals that line up in a single row, a flat board may work well for you. If your pedals occupy multiple rows, an angled board will make it simpler for you to access the pedals above the first row.

Non-Powered versus Powered Boards: Non-powered pedal boards are a basic holding station for your pedals, requiring you to power each pedal individually with batteries or adapters. Powered boards have built-in power adapters that you connect to the pedals, eliminating the need to mess with batteries and cables. The best board to choose depends on the pedals’ power needs and your personal preference. 

Whether you’re on the road for gigs or practicing with a friend, a pedal board let you set up the perfect pedal configuration in moments. Named as one of the top online music retailers by the National Association of Music Merchants, LAWK STAR has a selection of pedal boards for hobbyists and professionals alike.

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