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Loopers & Phrase Samplers

Looper and phrase sampler pedals are one of the few effects pedals that don’t have instrument-related restrictions. The pedals allow you to record sounds and play them repeatedly, making it ideal for studio playing and live gigs. Looper and phrase samplers are popular with solo artists, like Beck Hansen, because they create full sounds without a full band. At LAWK STAR Guitars, you’ll find looper and phrase sampler pedals by Walrus Audio, Pigtronix and Boss.

The Best Loopers & Phrase Samplers

Like other types of guitar effects pedals, there is no perfect looper or phrase sampler. Finding a good one for your playing and recording needs depends on:

  • How complicated you want the effects pedal to be: options include single pedals and full stations
  • Where you intend to use it: on stage or in the studio
  • If you want to do live looping or use pre-recorded loops while playing
  • Technology: options include vintage-style tape loop pedals or a digital pedals that create vintage sounds

Basic loopers and phrase samplers allow you to record your playing, as well as record more loops and layer the sounds to create a one-man-band experience. Advanced pedals allow for multiple hours of recording, plus a selection of built-in rhythms, custom effects, triple-stereo looping, USB capabilities, and inputs for microphones or other instruments

Whether you have a full band or a solo act, looper and phrase sampler effects pedals offer as many benefits in the studio as they do on stage. Never hesitate to contact LAWK STAR for help with finding a pedal that will revolutionize your playing.

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