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Flanger pedals create a sweeping harmonic sound that guitar players in nearly every genre use, including blues, metal, rock and jazz. Originally, to create flanging effects, musicians played back the same sound on several tape decks while using a finger on the reel’s flange, or edge, to alter the duplicate signal’s speed. Thanks to modern technology, you gain the same effect using a flanger pedal. LAWK STAR Guitars proudly sells flanger pedals by Tortuga Effects, T-Rex Pedals and MXR.

How a Flanger Effects Pedal Works

A flanger effects pedal replicates a guitar’s dry signal, or live audio, and mixes the duplicate signal with the original sound, adding a delay. The pedal also modulates the delay signal so it forms peaks and valleys as it moves in and out of phase with the dry signal. The cancelling-out and reinforcing of signals causes the sound to seem as if it expands or contracts. In everyday life, you hear this effect when a large vehicle speeds by you.

The sound that a flanger pedal produces is like a mix between chorus and phaser pedals. It duplicates and slightly modulates the sound, like a chorus pedal. You also get the sweeping sound that you hear in phaser pedals, but in a less dramatic, more harmonically linear fashion.  

The best flanger pedal to choose depends on the style of music you play and the sound you wish to achieve. For assistance with finding the right one, get in touch with the staff at LAWK STAR.

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