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An expression pedal may be one of the most important stompboxes on a musician’s pedal board. Guitar players often use them with other effects pedals or amps to gain extra control over the sound or volume produced. While the pedals don’t contribute to your sound, they remotely control aspects of it. LAWK STAR Guitars offers expression pedals by BOSS.

Expression Pedal Basics

Outside of the guitar world, you most often see expression pedals on organs and electronic keyboards because the volume of the instrument has no relationship with how hard a player strikes the keys. An expression pedal gives a player control over the instrument’s external source of power, or volume, while keeping the pitch, timbre and other factors consistent.

Expression pedals made for electric guitars work in a similar fashion. Players use them to gain greater control over variables in effects pedals, such as echo repeats, tone, volume and effect speeds. Depending on the model, an effects pedal may have a variable pedal control that’s similar to a keyboard’s expression pedal.

Expression pedals are all about achieving your signature tone. Get in touch with LAWK STAR if you need assistance finding the right pedal for your application.

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