Effect Switching System

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Effect Switching System

You know you are serious about your guitar or bass playing when you outgrow your pedalboard. Signs that you’ve outgrown yours include hoping from one end of the board to the other to get the right effects, questioning your pedal chain priority and experiencing cable management problems. The solution to this problem may lie in an effect switching system because a central location bypasses the pedals in and out of the signal chain. At LAWK STAR Guitars, you’ll find effect switching systems by Walrus Audio and Boss.

Effect Switching System Buying Guide

Effect switching systems range from small and simple to big and programmable. The best system ultimately helps you spend less time stomping the boxes and more time creating new sounds. Features to consider in a system include:

  • Single loop creation: Control the number of pedals a single switch activates
  • True bypass: Quiet pedals when they’re not in use
  • Relay controls: Provide additional manipulation for amp channel switching
  • Buffered loops: Combat noise and signal losses when you run long cables
  • Number of channels: Systems typically have three or more  channels
  • Isolated tuner output: Keep your tuners plugged in at the same time and take advantage of silent tuning
  • A/B switching: Plug your amps into a dedicated output
  • Programmable presets: Save and recall different audio loop combinations

Gain more control over your pedal board with an effect switching system. For helping finding the right pedal for your setup, never hesitate to contact the experts at LAWK STAR.

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