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As musicians build their guitar or bass playing skills and start playing with different effects, echo pedals are among the first in their collections. Echo pedals mimic the sounds you hear in a large open space. Because the sound repeats at the selected level and playback period, musicians use the effect to harmonize with themselves, add a percussive element to music or add depth. LAWK STAR Guitars offers echo pedals by Boss, Catalinbread, Pigtronix, EarthQuaker Devices, T-Rex and more.

Echo Pedal Considerations

Some guitar effects pedals that provide echo effects aren’t always called echo pedals, such as:

  • Delay pedals: Echoes the original sound waves, producing repeating sounds at the interval, length and volume that you set by adding a second signal to your guitar. Some musicians use the term delay pedal synonymous with echo pedal.
  • Reverb pedals: The echoing sound decays with time, simulating the sound of playing in a large space.
  • Reverb/delay pedals: Combines reverb and delay pedal effects.

There are varieties of echo, delay and reverb effects pedals on the market. The best one for you depends how you want to use the echoing tone and the sound that you want to create. For assistance with finding the best echo pedal, get in touch with the knowledgeable staff at LAWK STAR.

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