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  • Black Eye Clean Boost Earthquaker Devices
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  • Boost Fuzz Tech 21 NYC
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  • BASS-JUICE T-Rex Pedals
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  • HOBO-DRIVE T-Rex Pedals
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  • MUDHONEY T-Rex Pedals
  • ANGRY TROLL Way Huge
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    Clean Boost

    A clean boost pedal enhances your sound, allowing you to shape your tones. It works by boosting the frequency of a guitar signal’s strength, giving an amp a stronger range with which to work. The result is clean increased gain and volume. At LAWK STAR, you’ll find a selection of boost pedals by:

    • Bad Cat
    • T-Rex Pedals
    • MXR
    • Way Huge
    • Catalinbread
    • Boss
    • Tech 21
    • Earthquaker Devices
    • Pigtronix

    Why Use a Clean Boost Pedal?

    The reasons that musicians include boost pedals in their chain vary by player and include:

    • Using the pedal as a preamp or solo boost
    • Improving an amp’s tone
    • Overdriving an amp’s front end to give it a vintage sound
    • Enhancing a guitar’s treble
    • Creating a distorted sound using tube amps
    • Extending a guitar’s volume range
    • Fattening the sound of pickups without making them “dirty”
    • Balancing and equalizing the volume between multiple guitars
    • Using it as a line driver in an effects chain, so the pedals have stronger signals
    • Equalizing the overall tone of pedals in an effects chain
    • Buffering long cable runs

    There is a variety of clean boost pedals in the market. Some manufacturers sell pedals with combined effects, such as boost with overdrive, boost with EQ, or boost with reverb. The best type of clean boost pedal to choose depends on the sound that you want to achieve and your preferred musical style. For help choosing the right one for you, never hesitate to seek the advice of the pros at LAWK STAR.

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