Audix D2 Trio Drum Mics

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Audix D2 Trio Drum Mics

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Perfect for bringing out your percussion instrument’s dynamic sounds, the Audix D2 microphone set ideal for the studio or stage. The set comes with three D2 microphones, three DVICE mounts and three P1 microphone pouches. The tailored frequency responses of the microphones, along with Audix’s proprietary Very Low Mass (VLM) capsule technology, ensure your beats sound rich, punchy and clear. Their superior transient response accurately captures the details of your playing, making them also great for wind and reed instruments.

Audix individually hand-assembles and tests each microphone. Additional D2 features include Audix’s proprietary anti-feedback design to give you the highest levels of gain, as well as reduced phase shift, off-axis rejection, and gold-plated contacts. The included DVICE mounts allow you to get rid of bulky microphone stands so you can place the microphones in tight spaces. 

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The D2s are magic on rack toms. They highlight a strong fundamental tone, punch, depth and musicality." Todd Sucherman, Drummer for Styx

"The D2 has been my go-to rack tom mic ever since they came out in the late 80s. I run them completely wide open, no gates, no EQ, no filters. They sound nice and natural, and I always get compliments on my drum sound."  Paul Rogers, Production Supervisor for George Strait

"The Audix D2 is truly an amazing dynamic, and I've been using it since it was born. When you want that perfect Conga sound, the D2 cannot be beat."  Larry Sanchez, Front of House Engineer for Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band

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