• Best-Quality DAddario Guitar Accessories

    D’Addario & Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of musical instrument accessories in the world. It has its current headquarter in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York. It doesn’t only manufacture several lines of strings under its brand names but also manufactures OEM strings for other musical instrument companies. Apart from strings, it is also a leading producer of cables, ear plugs, capos, electronic tuners, humidifiers, straps, picks, drumheads, drum sticks, slides, and reeds for woodwind instruments.

    It markets its DAddario Guitar Accessories under seven proprietary brands, namely, D’Addario strings, ProMark drumsticks, Evans drumheads, Rico reeds, PureSound, and Planet Waves cables and accessories. It is a family-owned business and operated with more than 1,100 employees worldwide.

    95% of the company’s products are manufactured in the US employing Toyota’s Lean manufacturing principles. The company has a distribution network in 120 countries; serving over 3,000 U.S. retailers, all major e-commerce websites, and more than 5,000 artists endorsing it.


    The company is known for manufacturing high-quality acoustic strings, electric strings, bass strings, ukulele family, classical strings, banjo family, world instruments, mandolin family, and single strings.

    D’Addario’s EXP coated strings come with the plain steel strings and hexagonal cores that are made of its revolutionary NY High Carbon Steel. This is a newly engineered, envisioned, break-resistant, perfected, and high-carbon steel wire that delivers pitch stability and unprecedented strength.

    Each EXP set is combined with the best-quality wrap wire materials; précised and micro-coated on company’s advanced proprietary machinery. Each of the string set maintains the familiar uncoated tone and with it, adding up to 4 times more life to the string.

    D’Addario strings are popular all over the world for their high-quality. You will find these strings in most of the guitars, basses, mandolins, ukuleles and a whole lot more. The company has improved the quality of its accessories over years, making it to the world’s largest guitar accessories manufacturers.

  • Schecter Guitars: Everything you need to know

    Schecter Guitar Research is a renowned guitar, amplifier, and basses manufacturing company that was established by David Schecter in 1976. In its beginning years, the company used to manufacture the replacement parts for existing guitars manufactured by leading manufacturers Gibson and Fender. But in today’s world, the Schecter Guitars are counted among the best guitars and are played by many popular guitarists.hellraiser hybrid banner73333

    The company produces a wide range of bass guitars, electric guitars, and steel-string acoustic guitars, and along with it, it also manufactures guitar amplifiers. Schecter Guitars offers its wide range of products to people of more than 150 countries around the globe. There are many bands and guitarists who use these guitars for official recordings and gigs.

    The Schecter Guitars are commonly known as the shredder or metal guitars, just because of their heavy tone. These can be easily recognized because of their wide flat radius necks, sharp edges on the body, and dark bright colors. This is the reason why many of the guitar artists who use Schecter Guitars belong to the Metal/Heavy Rock music industry. But people believe that these guitars are also capable of playing music styles like Jazz and Blues quite well.

    The company itself claims that its guitars are not stuck to only metal music but many other styles also. Schecter Guitars are worth using at least once if you like the unique style of these guitars. The company keeps on adding more types of guitars to its collection to be able to meet the requirements of every type of guitarist.

    From cheaper price to a comfortable body, these guitars have everything to offer to its customers. If you ever go on a hunt, you will come across a wide variety of guitars, basses, and amplifiers to meet your expectations and requirements.

    The company’s dedication and hard work in improving itself every single day got it to the list of the leading guitar manufacturers all over the world. Apart from guitars, basses, and amplifiers, it also offers USA Custom Shop instruments to musicians all over the globe. On daily basis, it is expanding its reach of guitars and basses to a wide range of players with diverse musical genres.

    Schecter Guitars offers its high–quality instruments to its customers at the most affordable prices. The company witnesses its growth with the high-profile artists adding to the list of its guitar users including Avenged Sevenfold, Black Label Society, Nevermore, Disturbed, Papa Roach, Seether, Prince, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Cure.

  • Treat Yourselves with New Musical Gear

    Young guitarist dressed up as Slash for HalloweenDon’t wait until the winter holidays to treat yourself. Halloween is the ideal time to get some new ear candy. At our Portland music store, you’ll find great instruments and accessories that tie perfectly with any ghoulish gear. Staff picks include:

    • Schecter V-1 FR Blood Spatter: It’s red and black and has glow-in-the-dark side dot markers, so your fingers always are on the right frets on the darkest stages. The V-shaped mahogany body gives the electric guitar an extra rad, apocalyptic look.
    • Breedlove Stage Black Magic Concert Guitar: With a name like Black Magic and a midnight black exterior, your playing will put a trance over any audience. The acoustic-electric cutaway guitar is always stage-ready. Pair it with extra thick fog.
    • Orange amps: Black and orange are classic Halloween colors. With the orange and black amps and cabinets from Orange, there’s no better way to dress a stage for All Hallows’ Eve gigs.

    Halloween Costume Ideas for Musicians

    • Slash: Don a long black curly wig and a black top hat. Then complete the look with a white t-shirt (roll up the sleeves) and skinny jeans.
    • David Bowie: Wear a short red, black or blonde-haired wig backwards to achieve Bowie’s 1970s mullet. Achieve the rest of his look with straight-leg dress pants, billowing shirts and a scarf. Keep in mind that the clothes don’t necessarily have to match.
    • Keith Richards: Richards’ early 1990s look is simple to pull off with stuff you might already own. All you need are skinny jeans, white tank tops (or white t-shirts with the sleeves cut off) and a bandanna. Don’t forget the black eyeliner.
    • Angus Young: Get the AC/DC lead guitarist’s look with black school boy-short shorts, a black suit jacket, white collared shirt, white socks, black dress shoes and a striped tie. Finish the look with a semi-curly long blonde wig.
    • Lady Gaga: To dress like Lady Gaga, go big. Wear a large evening gown, big jewelry, stage-stealing makeup and any wig that calls your attention. Complete the look with long, Halloween-themed press-on nails. If you want to tone the costume down a bit, you could say that you’re Björk.

    LAWK STAR Guitars has everything you need for the stage, studio and impromptu jam sessions. Check our selection of boutique guitars and accessories to find the perfect one for your unique look and sound.

    [Photo by: Billy Gast via CC License]

  • Why LAWK STAR Guitars is Your Go-To Music Store

    LAWK STAR Guitars Header logoFounded in 2012 by Dave and Brenda Locke, LAWK STAR Guitars is a Portland Music Store that is online focused and carries some of the most sought after music equipment in the world. When the husband and wife team of 30 years launched in 2013, the site quickly caught the eye of music lovers and the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) as a carrier of top brands, including D’Addario, Gretsch, Schecter, Paul Reed Smith, AER and dozens more.

    The Portland Guitar Shop

    LAWK STAR’s high standards and incredible customer service makes it a favorite among experienced players and beginners alike. While the company is primarily an e-commerce music store, customers are welcome to make an appointment to visit the LSG guitar store facility. Portland, Oregon, is the perfect setting for local musicians and those visiting from out of town because of the laid-back, no-pressure atmosphere and in case you didn’t know, there is no Sales Tax in the state of Oregon.

    To pair you with the perfect instrument, amp or accessory, the staff at LAWK STAR learns about your background and musical interests. Because of the personal attention to customer needs, NAMM honored LAWK STAR as one of the Top 100 Dealers for 2014 and 2015. During the same year, NAMM named LAWK STAR as one of the Top 3 Dealers for its online presence.

    When you connect with LAWK STAR, you work with professionals who have personal knowledge and experience with all the products sold. If the store doesn’t have exactly what you seek, team members are happy to place a custom order. Customers also love that LAWK STAR products ship free to anywhere in the U.S.

    As you browse, remember to check back often. The Portland music store continually adds new products to its catalog to help you achieve your musical aspirations.

  • LAWK STAR Product Spotlight: Schecter Keith Merrow KM – 7

    LAWK STAR's Brenda with Schecter Keith Merrow KM – 7 Guitar LAWK STAR is proud to announce the latest addition to its line of Schecter guitars, the Keith Merrow 7 string signature guitar. Our 7 string guitars are a great way to take your playing to a new level when you’ve outgrown your six-string guitars or want a new challenge. When you buy a Schecter instrument, you make an investment in a quality instrument that will remain ultra-reliable for decades.

    Keith Merrow 7 String Highlights

    Primed for players who like a fast, fluid feel, the Keith Merrow KM-7 is a solid body electric guitar with a thin C-shaped neck and a compound radius fingerboard. Equipped with a Seymour Duncan Sentient pickup at the neck for harmonic distorted tones and a burning Nazgul humbucker at the bridge, this Schecter is great for lead and rhythm playing alike.

    Keith Merrow designed the KM-7, giving it a modern metal tone and super fast playability. This guitar features a swamp ash body with a Lambo Orange arched top, strong three-piece maple neck, and an ebony fingerboard. The orange offset side dot markers glow in the dark along a 26.5-inch scale and 24 extra-jumbo frets. The 12-to-16-inch compound radius fretboard makes it simple to grab chords and play rhythms. As you move up the fingerboard, the radius flattens to make string bends and runs simpler.

    From the slick top to the satin neck, the Keith Merrow KM-7 signature guitar is made for metal. When you get your hands on it, you’ll never want to let go. With free shipping in the U.S., LAWK STAR is your go-to source for Schecter Guitars.

  • Rock the New School Year with Awesome Music Gear!

    Children holding up musical instrumentsWelcome the new school year with a new instrument. A September 2014 study in The Journal of Neuroscience reported that young people who play a musical instrument have enhanced neurophysical functions, which translates into improved cognitive and language skills. This is probably why our favorite young Portland-area rocker, Gunnar DüGrey, is such a genius.

    Get Those Neurons Firing

    As your kids get ready to go back to school or enter college, consider supplementing their academics with an instrument from our Portland guitar shop. If your child already plays the guitar, this is the perfect time for an upgrade. Our Portland music store has guitars for all skill levels, including:

    • Breedlove Discovery Concert acoustic guitar: Perfect for beginners, the Discovery comes in the manufacturer’s most popular body shape and a well-balanced tone. The guitar sounds great when plucked or strummed, and comes with a free gig bag. What’s best is that because of Breedlove’s dedication to quality, a young person won’t outgrow the guitar in regards to size or skill level anytime soon.
    • Bohemian Guitars Boho Surfwax electric guitar: Inspired by instruments in South Africa made from repurposed items, the Boho Surfwax is great for the student who already has some playing skills and is ready to show them off. The guitar has a metal hollow body made from recycled materials, as well as a basswood skeleton to increase its amplification. The Boho Surfwax also has a built-in stand and a P90 pickup that delivers a crisp, mellow sound.

    Make going back to school fun with a new guitar. For help finding the perfect guitar for your child, never hesitate to let the staff at LAWK STAR know how we can help.

  • Get Inspired by LUNA Guitars!

    LUNA Guitars LogoSometimes guitars all look the same. At LAWK STAR, our selection stands out, especially with the addition of instruments by LUNA Guitars. Founded by Yvonne de Villiers, a stained-glass artist, LUNA Guitars designs instruments that are comfortable, as well as sonically and aesthetically appealing.

    Inspiration from Mom

    For decades, de Villiers watched her mother, Hilda, rock out on stage with a bass. She saw first-hand the difficulties that Hilda overcame as she strapped on a heavy electric bass and let her fingers dash along its thick neck. Knowing that there were other musicians like Hilda, de Villiers designed the instruments in LUNA Guitars’ catalog to fit the hands, bodies, musical styles and personal tastes of musicians of all sizes and ages.

    LUNA’s acoustic guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, basses, ukuleles and electric guitars are visually stunning. De Villiers applies the same attention to detail to the colors, artwork, inlays and ornamentation on each instrument that she does to her award-winning architectural stained glass masterpieces. Musicians love that they gain a piece of art that sounds beautiful and is budget-friendly.

    LUNA Guitars at LAWK STAR

    At the time of publication, you’ll find the following LUNA instruments at LAWK STAR:Luna Guitars  Henna Oasis Acoustic Electric Spruce

    • Daddy-O ukulele: A ‘50s-inspired concert ukulele that everyone digs.
    • Peace Love ukulele: A throwback to the 1960’s, this soprano ukulele inspires harmony.
    • Henna Oasis acoustic-electric guitar: With detailed henna-like artwork, this spruce instrument sounds as superb as it looks.
    • Vista Eagle acoustic-electric guitar: The blending of koa, maple, padauk, bubinga and movingui tonewoods creates a dramatic scene that will captivate your audience.
    • Honu Soprano ukulele: A Polynesian tribal-style sea turtle (honu) tattooed around the ukulele’s sound hole brings you a taste of the islands.
    • Tattoo Concert ukulele: Inspired by traditional Hawaiian body ornamentation, the swirls and geometric patterns etched onto the instrument’s mahogany top reflect symbols inspired by nature.

    At LAWK STAR, we’re in love with LUNA Guitars. We plan to add to our selection, so check back often to see the latest lovely instruments available for your collection. Also if you don’t see it on the website please let us know.   We can still get it quickly for you directly from the manufacturer. We do special order quite often as it is difficult to facilitate every single sku 100% of the time.

  • DEAN Guitars Adds Portland Teen to Artist Roster: Gunnar DüGrey

    Gunnar DuGrey playing guitarWhen Gunnar DüGrey walks into our Portland, Oregon, guitar shop, we are floored by his raw talent. Behind the mop of long curly hair is a barely 16 year old with an old heavy metal soul. While most teens are trying to sound like their favorite artists, DüGrey and his Chronological Injustice band mates created their own distinct crossover sound that even the most seasoned musicians praise. As the latest Dean Guitar artist to join its esteemed roster, LAWK STAR is proud to introduce the world to Gunnar DüGrey.

    Determination at an Early Age

    DüGrey received his first guitar, a Dean Michael Schenker Flying V, for his ninth birthday. Music became DüGrey’s life, as he wouldn’t put the guitar down until he became proficient. Fast forward a couple of years, DüGrey was one of the youngest musicians to record music at Portland’s Human Studios. At the tender age of 11, he recorded music for the band that he started and is now the lead guitar player of, Chronological Injustice.

    While attending the School of Rock in Portland, eighth grader DüGrey met band mates Bobby Rossen, Gage Dean and Nathan Neilson. The band’s all-original music focuses on the cruelty of humanity throughout history and its endless stories about acts done in the name of greed, power, religion and pride. Chronological Injustice’s original music, confidence and stage command has allowed them to share the stage and spotlight with big names, including Morbid Angel, Eyehategod, Deathcamp, Metal Church, Sepultura, Soulfly, Lorna Shore and Powerman 5000.

    Persistence Pays

    DüGrey’s favorite guitar brand is Dean Guitars.  After learning that LAWK STAR Guitars is an Official Dean Guitars Dealer; DuGrey and his father, Daryl Richardson, reached out to their Portland, Oregon, music store to speak with the president, David Locke. Upon seeing DüGrey in action at a few of his shows, Dave and LAWK STAR’s VP/Chief of Operations, Brenda, made it their mission to help DüGrey get Dean Guitars’ attention. His incredible talent would have been a sin to ignore.

    Getting the attention of an elite instrument maker such as the iconic Dean isn’t a simple or quick task. After speaking with Dean Guitars’ Artist & Relations Representative for close to a year, Dave was able to get the attention of one of the company’s Head Sales Representative, Dana West. Not long after Dana mentioned he needed to make a trip from Dean’s Tampa Bay Headquarters to Oregon, he also asked to stop by the LAWK STAR Guitars Facility. LAWK STAR decided, Hmmmmmm what a perfect opportunity for Dana to hear Gunnar shred in person. Fast-forward, while at LAWK STAR Guitars, Dana made a video of Gunnar playing and included a short interview.  Dana could not wait to return to Headquarters to show Elliot Rubinson what he had saw and heard.  The trip paid off!  Rubinson, Dean Guitars’ President, recognized that Gunnar DuGrey would make an extraordinary addition to the Dean Guitars Artist lineup.   DüGrey’s crossover style is a blend of progressive technical brutal metal and groove metal, a mix that metal lovers appreciate. However don’t be mistaken this young guitar virtuoso is affluent in multiple music styles. Definitely no one-trick pony here.  These days DüGrey’s takes his Dean RC7 on stage to perform with. It’s great to see Gunnar DüGrey grow as a musician, guitarist and just as a young man. Keeping his eye on the prize, sort of speak.  Everyone at is proud of Gunnar and ecstatic to see him on the Dean Guitars’ artist roster.

  • There’s a Different Kind of Earthquake Shaking Things Up at LAWK STAR Guitars!

    EarthQuaker Devices logoWhile at the latest National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show, LAWK STAR couldn’t pass up on a couple of the latest guitar effects pedals from EarthQuaker Devices. The latest in the lineup of EarthQuaker pedals to rock the Northwest include the Dunes overdrive pedal and Levitation reverb pedal.

    About EarthQuaker Devices

    Based out of Akron, Ohio, EarthQuaker Devices got its start when Jamie Stillman was the road manager for the Black Key. He made the first effects pedals in his basement with the help of one employee and an intern. His company quickly became popular as it created boutique, high quality guitar pedals that were affordable and pushed the limits, appealing to sound snobs, pedal geeks and musicians on a budget alike.

    Today, EarthQuaker Devices is a family-operated enterprise that hand-makes guitar effects pedals in an Ohio warehouse. Its growing catalog of pedals has already caught the attention of music legends like Cold Play, Paul Simon, Robbie Robertson, Andy Summers and My Morning Jack.

    EarthQuaker Pedals

    EarthQuaker Devices guitar pedal - Dunes Overdrive

    • Dunes overdrive pedal: A throwback to the Palisades, the Dunes pedal brings you an 808-inspired overdriven sound, as well as tight crunch, distortion and clean boosts. The pedal has EarthQuaker’s favorite bandwith and voice settings, along with a “Normal/Bright” toggle.
    • EarthQuaker Devices guitar pedal - Levitation reverbLevitation reverb pedal: Created in conjunction with the Levitation music festival, Levitation has a vintage voice that will remind you of the 1960s. The pedal is a variation of EarthQuaker Devices’ Ghost Echo pedals, but produces tones that sound like old school psych rock.

    Effects pedals are the ultimate way to create and fine-tune your signature sound. With EarthQuaker Devices’ great prices, you’ll have plenty of room to play and expand your stombox collection without ever sacrificing sound quality. Check out the selection of EarthQuaker pedals at for yourself.

  • We’re Adding to the LAWK STAR Collection! Check Out EARasers!

    EARasers logo and earplugsAs a musician or music lover, one of your most precious assets is your ears. Hearing protection is vital to your future performances and ability to appreciate every note, so ear plugs are a must-have in every musician accessories kit. The problem is that most affordable earplugs muffle sounds and fit poorly, and custom earplugs are not exactly affordable. This is where EARasers comes in with its musician earplugs, which made a hit on the NAMM circuit.

    About EARasers Ear Plugs

    Created by Persona Medical, which originally made earplugs for those in the dental industry, EARasers are high fidelity earplugs. They comfortably protect your ears while allowing you still understand conversations. EARasers don’t tickle, sweat or feel itchy.

    The earplug’s sound clarity comes from its unique design, which allows noise to travel more naturally before it reaches the innovative variable filter, which sits closer to your eardrum (instead of at the opening of the ear canal). EARasers filter up to 19 decibels of dangerous high frequency sounds. The earplugs filter less noise when it’s around 1,000 hertz or less, so you can hear softer sounds better.

    Musicians, band managers and parents are singing the praises of EARasers. Once you plug them into your own ears, you’ll see why.

    EARasers Ear Plugs and Musician Accessories at LAWK STAR

    • EARasers Hi Fi Ear Plugs in Medium: The perfect solution for protecting your hearing for hours. EARasers are clear in color and nearly invisible to others, allowing you to jam safely. While comfortably protecting your hearing, the earplugs allow you to hear conversations and your monitor on loud stages without sounding muffled. The medium size works well for most men. The small size is great for most women and youth.
    • EARasers Stash Can in Black: Make keeping your EARasers with your guitar accessories simple and convenient with a metal stash can. The carrying case is waterproof and holds one pair of EARasers, making it perfect for keeping your earplugs clean and simple to find. Also available in blue.

    LAWK STAR Guitars is the premier Portland music store for finding EARasers and other boutique accessories for musician. Check out our online selection.

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