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TREAT yourself to some NEW GEAR

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Don’t wait until the winter holidays to treat yourself to some new gear. Halloween is the ideal time to get some new gear candy.

Our wide selection of Orange Amps for sale is perfect for shopping season. There’s no better way to dress a stage for All Hallows’ Eve Gigs than to dress up with an orange or black amp from Orange Amplifiers.

Our huge selection of Orange Amps for sale include a full line of combo’s, heads, and cabinets for both Bass and Guitar.

Looking for just a great practice amp? Check out our Orange MT20 Micro Terror. It has an ENORMOUS TONE in a very tiny 20 Watt amp. It weighs in less than 2 pounds.

Looking for that big boy bass sound? This pure bass black beauty might be what you are looking for; the Orange AD200B MKIII Bass Head in black is one of the purest valve bass amplifiers ever produced. It has four 6550 output valves pushing 200 WATTS of POWER.

Maybe you should treat yourself to the ever so cool Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run.

This tap tempo boutique pedal extremely versatile. The Tap switch also has a few other cool secondary functions. Each Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run is completely assembled, wired and tested at the EarthQuaker Device's headquarters here in the USA. Our FIVE STAR rated staff is here to help you with any questions you may have regarding the Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run or any of our fine Orange Amps for sale. It’s time you TREATED yourself with a spectacular new instrument from LAWK STAR Guitars.


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It is that time of year when the days get cooler, the leaves start to fall and back to school time is here. Many music students are transitioning into their next level of play and owning their interment instead of renting is a must. LAWK STAR Guitars is here to help. We carry guitars, basses, drums, amplifiers, and effects with an array of accessories to add that extra whammy!

What are the benefits of music for youth?

Nina Kraus of Northwestern University writes in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - “The larger point is that the adolescent brain is still developing and that music instruction can impact this in ways that "seem to boost literacy skills," the researchers conclude. Understanding the spoken word is, needless to say, a vital component of learning and these results suggest music lessons—even those beginning at age 14—can enhance one's abilities in this important domain.”

For beginner guitars players we suggest the Breedlove Discovery, Concert Acoustic Guitar Perfect for beginners, the Discovery comes in the manufacturer’s most popular body shape and a well-balanced tone. The guitar sounds great when plucked or strummed, and comes with a free gig bag. What’s best is that Breedlove’s dedication to quality and longevity will last for many years. In other words, a young person won’t outgrow this guitar’s size or skill level anytime soon.

Bohemium BOHO Surfwax Here is something fun for the intermediate player. Check out the Bohemian Guitars, Boho Surfwax. This Electric Guitar was inspired by instruments in South Africa made from repurposed items, the Boho Surfwax is great for the student who already has some playing skills and is ready to show them off. The guitar has a metal hollow body made from recycled materials, as well as a basswood skeleton to increase its amplification. The Boho Surfwax also has a built-in stand and a P90 pickup that delivers a crisp, mellow sound.

Get Inspired by Luna Guitars & Ukueles

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Sometimes guitars all look the same. At LAWK STAR, our selection stands out; Just take a look at our instruments from Luna Guitars. Luna was founded by Yvonne de Villiers; a stained-glass artist. She had designed instruments that are comfortable, as well as sonically and aesthetically appealing. They are not just made of wood and metal. They are made of SOUL.


For decades, de Villiers watched her mother, Hilda, rock out on stage with a bass. She saw first-hand the difficulties that Hilda overcame as she strapped on a heavy electric bass and let her fingers dash along its thick neck. Knowing that there were other musicians like Hilda, de Villiers designed the instruments in LUNA Guitars’ catalog to fit the hands, bodies, musical styles and personal tastes of musicians of all sizes and ages.

LUNA’s acoustic guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, basses, ukuleles and electric guitars are visually stunning. De Villiers applies the same attention to detail to the colors, artwork, inlays and ornamentation on each instrument that she does to her award-winning architectural stained glass masterpieces. Musicians love that they gain a piece of art that sounds beautiful and is budget-friendly.

Check out some of the Luna instrument here at LAWK STAR: Henna Oasis Acoustic Electric Spruce Henna design graces the Luna logo inlaid in Abalone on Luna's gently curved maple headstock. Elegant and durable brushed nickel tuners provide smooth, precise adjustment. Daddy-O ukulele A 50'sinspired concert ukulele that everyone digs. Peace Love ukulele A throwback to the 1960’s, this soprano ukulele inspires harmony. Vista Eagle acoustic-electric guitar The blending of koa, maple, padauk, bubinga and movingui tonewoods creates a dramatic scene that will captivate your audience. And one of our favorite ukes.... the Luna Flora Concert Plumeria inlays compliment the soundhoule, not to mention it is graced with delicate beauty; the national flower of Hawaii “The Hibiscus”.

Want to see all of our LUNA instruments, just click here LUNA Instruments

If you know of an instrument you can't find on our website, please contact us. We can get it very quickly directly from the manufacture.

Rocking that Summer BBQ | LAWK STAR Guitars

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Do you know the best thing about music? You don’t need electricity to make it. By having the right guitar accessories to keep your acoustic instrument in top shape, it will always be ready to grab and go wherever your holidays take you. People who visit our Portland guitar shop often take their stringed instruments camping, to the beach, parks, BBQ picnics and stay-cations. Here are some tips to protect your guitar and during your summer adventures.


Invest in a hard-shell case. Bumps are bound to happen when you’re out having fun. Keep your instrument protected in a hard case. If it’s not possible to get a hard-shell case, a gig bag is a great choice to have for protection as well!

Avoid the sun and heat. Guitars don’t tan well. The sun dries the wood and may cause irreparable damage. Keep your guitar out of direct sunlight, away from hot temperatures (i.e., the inside of your car), and avoid extremely high or low relative humidity levels.

Condition it. Cleaning and conditioning your guitar protects it from the elements and restores the sound you love. Dunlop’s 6500 Formula 65 Care Kit gives you all the tools you need to keep your instrument looking gorgeous.

Dust it. Between the times that you clean and condition your guitar, use a polishing cloth to wipe away dust and dirt that you may not see. The Planet Waves Untreated Polish Cloth does just this.

Wash your hands. The oils on your hands affect how a guitar and its strings sound. Before playing a tune, take a moment to wash your hands, especially if you just enjoyed greasy treats or a finger-licking BBQ meal.


If you find your guitar too cumbersome to take with you, but you still want to join in on the jam session, take a smaller instrument, such as:

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic: A throwback to old parlor guitars, this instrument has a 24-inch scale and a classic warm tone. Breedlove Guitars Passport Travel Guitar: Designed for the traveler, the Passport gives you Breedlove’s sound and balanced tones. Gretsch G9126 Guitar Ukulele with Gig Bag: Gretsch’s tenor ukulele has six strings that are tuned A-to-A, so you can play standard guitar intervals without missing a beat.

As you jam with your friends and family this Summer, remember that taking the time to care for your guitar will reward you with years of sweet tones and an instrument that can last a lifetime. If you have any questions about caring for your guitar or our selection of guitar accessories and smaller instruments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the LAWK STAR team.

Rock the New School Year with Awesome Music Gear!

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Welcome the new school year with a new musical instrument from LAWK STAR Guitars. A September 2014 study in The Journal of Neuroscience reported that young people who play a musical instrument have enhanced neurophysical functions, which translates into improved cognitive and language skills. This is probably why our favorite young Portland-area rocker, Gunnar DüGrey, is such a genius.

Get Those Neurons Firing

As your kids get ready to go back to school or enter college, consider supplementing their academics with an instrument from our Portland guitar shop. If your child already plays the guitar, this is the perfect time for an upgrade. Our Portland music store has guitars for all skill levels, including:

Breedlove Discovery Concert Acoustic Guitar: Perfect for beginners, the Discovery comes in the manufacturer’s most popular body shape and a well-balanced tone. The guitar sounds great when plucked or strummed, and comes with a free gig bag. What’s best is that because of Breedlove’s dedication to quality, a young person won’t outgrow the guitar in regards to size or skill level anytime soon.

Bohemian Guitars Boho Surfwax Electric Guitar: Inspired by instruments in South Africa made from re-purposed items, the Boho Surfwax is great for the student who already has some playing skills and is ready to show them off. The guitar has a metal hollow body made from recycled materials, as well as a basswood skeleton to increase its amplification. The Boho Surfwax also has a built-in stand and a P90 pickup that delivers a crisp, mellow sound.

Make going back to school fun with a new guitar. For help finding the perfect guitar for your child, never hesitate to let the staff at LAWK STAR know how they can help.

LAWK STAR Guitars is your Portland Go-To Music Store

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Founded in 2012 - LAWK STAR Guitars is a Portland Music Store that is online focused and carries some of the most sought after music equipment in the world. When the husband and wife team of 30 years launched LAWK STAR Guitars Website in 2013, the site quickly caught the eye of music lovers and the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) as a carrier of top brands, including D’Addario, Dean Guitars, Gretsch, Schecter, Orange Amps, and Gallien Krueger Amps plus dozens more.

The Portland Guitar Shop

LAWK STAR’s high standards and incredible customer service makes it a favorite among experienced players and beginners alike. While the company is primarily an e-commerce music store, customers are welcome to make an appointment to visit the LSG guitar store facility. Portland, Oregon, is the perfect setting for local musicians and those visiting from out of town because of the laid-back, no-pressure atmosphere and in case you didn’t know, there is no Sales Tax in the state of Oregon.

To pair you with the perfect instrument, amp or accessory, the staff at LAWK STAR learns about your background and musical interests. Because of the personal attention to customer needs, NAMM honored LAWK STAR as one of the Top 100 Dealers in 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017. They have also been recognized as one of the Top 3 Dealers for their online presence.

When you connect with LAWK STAR, you work with professionals who have personal knowledge and experience with all the products sold. If the store doesn’t have exactly what you seek, team members are happy to place a custom order. Customers also love that LAWK STAR offers FREE SHIPPING on may products.

As you browse LAWKSTARGuitars.com, remember to check back often. The Portland music store continually adds new products to its catalog to help you achieve your musical aspirations.


Rock with Lawk Star

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