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The Breedlove Sound Optimization process begins with the Tonewood Certification Project where they sustainably harvest exotic tonewoods from the world’s forests. Next Breedlove analyzes each wood species and individual tonewood set to understand its variability and music making capability.

Then they individually craft each USA made guitar using frequency analysis and hand voicing to minimize instrument variability and yield consistently superior sounding and playing guitars. Lastly Sound Optimization allows Breedlove Guitar’s to craft revolutionary body shapes to fit you to your sound and playing style.


Through Sound Optimization, Breedlove Guitars uses frequency and density analysis to mill and hand voice each tonewood top and back to ideal frequency pairings, enabling the musical character of various wood species to achieve your ideal sound.


Top Tonewoods……. Western Red Cedar .37, Englemann spruce .39, European Spruce .41, Redwood .42, Sitka Spruce .42, Adirondack / Red Spruce .43, Port Orford cedar .47, Honduran Mahogany .59, Hawaiian Koa .61, and Myrtlewood .63

Neck & Fretboard Woods……. Honduran Mahogany .59, Walnut .61, Hard Rock Maple .71, and East Indian Rosewood .83, and African Ebony. 96

LAWK STAR Guitars offers a wide variety of Breedlove Guitars for sale. Looking for an inexpensive acoustic for a beginner or for travel? Check out the Breedlove Discovery Concert or a Breedlove Discovery Dreadnought - both made from Mahogany and Sitka Spruce. Want to step it up a notch, take a look at the Breedlove Atlas Studio with a Sitka Spruce Solid Top and an East Indian rosewood fretboard or the Breedlove Stage Exotic Concert CE also with a Sitka Spruce Top. We also have nice selection Breedlove USA Custom Shop Acoustic Guitars for sale. One of our favorites is the Oregon USA Concert Myrtlewood-Myrtlewood.

Looking for a New Breedlove that we do not have it in stock. NO WORRIES, we order fast from Breedlove with only a 1 or 2 days transit time between the Breedlove Bend, OR headquarters and the LAWK STAR Guitars facility near Portland, OR.

Vintage Brand Guitars - A bang for your buck

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LAWK STAR Guitars is excited to announce we now have VINTAGE BRAND GUITARS FOR SALE PORTLAND. The Vintage Brand evolved from an idea back in the mid-60’s near Leed, England. The main idea behind the Vintage Brand is to offer unbelievable priced vintage-looking guitars with great finishes, quality parts, and with exceptional features that are usually found on most guitars that cost in the thousands.

Vintage V100BLK

The VINTAGE V100BLK is from the Vintage Reissued Series has a beautiful solid carved mahogany top. This black beauty guitar opens up your playing with features such as a unique designed drop shoulder and more.

Vintage Guitars are played by a wide variety of artist such as Billy Sherwood from the band Asia and guitarist Matt Bissonett who has played for Elton John, David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani just to name a few.

LAWK STAR Guitars offers their customers a wide variety of Vintage Brand Guitars for sale with these Models available right now; Vintage V6MSSB, Vintage V100MRJBM, Vintage VS6VW, Vintage V100BLK, Vintage VVB4SB to name a few. Our VINTAGE BRAND GUITARS FOR SALE PORTLAND are really a bigger bang for your buck.

If we take a look at the Vintage V100MRJBM which is part of the Vintage Icon Series. This Gold Top electric guitar has an offset heel and more that provides improved access to the upper frets. It simply opens up your playing abilities.

Vintage V100MRJBM Gold Top


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Breedlove Oregon Guitars for Sale

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Many of the Breedlove Oregon Guitars are hand-crafted right in Oregon State. LAWK STAR GUITARS’ facility is located in Oregon State as well. We have a huge selection of Breedlove Guitars for sale.

One of our most recent Breedlove addition is the Breedlove Oregon USA Concert E Myrtlewood-Myrtlewood. The solid wood myrtlewood top and the African ebony fretboard are simply stunning. Myrtlewood is very unique and has a varied figure. No two are alike. Color tone ranges from blonde to taupe. This beautiful acoustic guitar has a powerful projection and a detailed fresh frisky voice.


Our selection of Acoustic Guitars range for $300 - $5000. There is a Breedlove guitar for sale that fits everyone’s budget. The pursuit of acoustic perfection is the driving force behind this brand of acoustic guitars and mandolins. These guitars are simply some of the best sounding, best playing, and most enjoyable acoustic guitars to own.

Many of the Breedlove Oregon Concert Acoustic Breedlove Guitars for Sale here at LAWK STAR Guitars; takes its inspiration from the Pacific Northwest rugged terrain. It captures its regions beauty and elegance. Many of these guitars are hand-crafted from locally sourced wood from the Pacific Northwest; mainly Oregon and Northern California.

Breedlove Guitars For Sale

The hard rock maple neck, myrtlewood body, and Sitka spruce top on this Breedlove Acoustic Guitar combine to deliver accentuated depth and clarity across the tonal spectrum.

Breedlove has been located near the high desert in Oregon since 1990. They have had an ongoing series of award-winning instruments that have earned the loyalty & admiration of many generations of musicians.

Join the Breedlove and LAWK STAR Guitars family today!

Dean USA Custom Shop Guitars

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Dean USA Dimebag Commenmorative Dime From Hell

The Dean USA Guitars for sale here at LAWK STAR Guitars come directly from the Dean Guitars USA Custom Shop in Tampa, FL.The LAWK STAR Team recently visited the Dean Guitars USA Custom Shop and it was so cool to see Dean’s Master Builder, Dan, in his element. It’s like seeing a family member you have not seen in awhile.

One of the reasons we have so much confidence in the quality of our Dean USA Guitars for sale here at our on line musical instrument store in Portland, Oregon; is because Dean has had the same incredible team leader in their Dean USA Custom Shop for many many years. Longevity and an intricate understanding of the way different woods react to aging, climate and much more. Building Custom Shop Guitar isn’t something you can learn in a book. It takes years of hands on experience, from hand working body shapes to installing different variations of inlays within a fret board takes years to learn how to do.

We are proud to be a premier Dean Guitars USA Custom Shop Dealers. We always have multiple Dean USA Guitars for sale, so choose your flavor and own one of the World’s most proven brands, since 1977.ember you have not seen in a while.

Our two most recent custom shop arrivals are a Dean ML USA Custom Shop ML Standard with USA DMT Time Capsule Pickups and a Dean USA Dimebag Commemorative Dime from Hell which is No. 49 of a limited run of 100.

Dean USA Custom Shop ML Standard

Tips on Picking Right Musical Instrument Online

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Let’s face it, if you are a music lover, then it’s quite obvious you must be addicted to one of the musical instruments for sure. During your hunt, you may come across with several options, but picking one seems quite confusing. So, the best way is to seek a reliable Portland music company and follow the below tips while choosing the right musical instrument for you. Let’s have a look-

Make an offer. Much the same as purchasing an auto, you can treat the "sticker cost" as a place to start the transaction. Try not to be reluctant to haggle, and that incorporates new guitars and rigging sold by customary retailers.

Use the feedback system

Purchasing from a private merchant can now and again feel dangerous, so make a point to request any input evaluations that are accessible. Request that the dealer send you their criticism from trustworthy locales like Lawkstarguitars as well as to refer you to past purchasers.

Get heaps of photographs

Try not to make due with maybe a couple grainy photographs, or none by any stretch of the imagination. Request that the vender take the instrument outside and photo it in regular light, without a glimmer. For vintage guitars, request that they have the guitar dismantled with the goal that every single inner part, date stamps, serial numbers, and some other applicable data can be shot.

Know your style. Without a doubt, you need a Les Paul or a Strat, however did you realize that these guitars can regularly have four to five diverse neck shapes, and about interminable pickup mixes? These can radically change the vibe and sound of the instrument. Preceding purchasing, try to get some information about neck shape, fret estimate, pickups, weight, and if the guitar has been adjusted in any capacity.

Get the story

Vintage guitars have carried on with their very own existence, and unless you ask you may never realize that a guitar has ventured to the far corners of the planet, been played on a well-known record, or sat untouched in a storage room for a long time. Discover where the guitar has been. Is it true that it was utilized for gigging or for the most part at-home utilize? Are there any cool stories about the instrument, for example, acclaimed proprietors?

Try not to agree to basic portrayals

Request insights about the state of the guitar. Is the neck straight? What amount of wear is on the fusses? Is there extreme humming or dead notes? Is the hardware calm, or do they transmit exorbitant or "scratchy" commotion when balanced? At the point when was the last time the guitar was set up?

Know the arrival approach before you purchase

It's astounding how regularly returns come up, and all the more astonishing how once in a while they're talked about before the exchange. Go the additional mile and get an email from the merchant consenting to an arrival approach in composing.

Utilize a value control

Purchasers ought to dependably know early what they ought to pay for a bit of apparatus. When looking for another guitar, check the going rate for a utilized, and after that utilization this data to arrange.

If you are still confused how to pick a reliable and quality musical instrument without breaking your bank, then visit a leading Portland Music Agency- Lawkstarguitars now!

Tips on Buying the Right Guitar from a leading Portland Music Company

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If you love music, odds are you will, sooner or later of time, have toyed with figuring out how to play a melodic instrument. You can seek the right Portland Music Company to buy a guitar at the right rates.

Frequently, that has a tendency to be a guitar! While everything begins with ability that can be sharpened after some time, getting the right 'hatchet' to suit your taste and spending plan is likewise essential. You don't need to go first class at the same time. Take heart at the way that a portion of the best guitarists at any point began with low priced guitars. Here are five hints to getting a decent guitar:

1. The first and most clear point is to settle on the kind of guitar you need — acoustic or electric. In the event that it's your first guitar, get an acoustic one. Guitars — be they acoustic or electric — are not nonexclusive.If you need to play metal, certain brands loan themselves better to those styles since they have a get framework that suits louder playing. Electric guitars that have a solitary curl pickup are really great for shake, funk or jazz. A straightforward tip is consider how you need the guitar to sound and afterward purchase in like manner.

2. Never motivation buy. Experiment with the same number of various types of guitars as is helpful for you. Research on the Internet, read reviews, if your companions play guitar, approach them for guidance and assessments. In any case, having said that, toward the day's end it is about 'feel'. So accept exhortation into thought however take after your gut impulse. The more you know, the better it is for you!

3. This requires some field work. Visit a great deal of guitar shops after you get a thought of the guitar for you. Never spend your cash you find what you're searching for. All things considered, this will be an instrument that you will invest a great deal of energy playing and honing on. In the event that it doesn't 'feel' right, you won't have a craving for playing it. While experimenting with a guitar, hear it out deliberately. Pay special mind to any humming or unclean sounds.

4. Search for playing comfortable, for instance, if the neck of the guitar might be too thick for your hand or too thin, it may be difficult to play quick on it. The heaviness of the guitar likewise has an impact. Endeavor to choose how overwhelming the guitar is — if it's too light, at that point the wood isn't great, and this is an imperative factor, particularly for acoustics. In the event that it's too substantial, at that point it's most certainly not a smart thought purchasing that one either. It must be the correct weight for you to feel great playing.

5. If you purchase an electric, you should purchase a decent amp as well, becausean awful amp can make a decent guitar sound terrible. Additionally bear in mind that another guitar will mean new picks, a case, a tuner and an arrangement of additional strings.

When seeking to buy guitar, it is important to look for the right Portland Music Company that enable you to get the guitar you’ve been always looking.

GHS Strings for Sale on Lawk Star Guitars

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GHS Strings established as a company in 1964 by Gould, Holcomb, and Solko and hence, the name GHS Strings. In 1975, Robert McFee bought the company and currently he is the chairman of the company. The bass guitar string manufacturing company is based in Battle Creek, Michigan. It’s been more 50years; the company is still the leading manufacturer of the innovative string designs. It is known to manufacture the best strings for all the types of performance styles.

The GHS Strings manufactures quality products for the fretted instruments that it offers at the best prices. We have a vast experience in this field. Over the years of experience in this particular field, we have gained a lot of knowledge in crafting own unique machinery for the manufacturing of strings. We choose the best-quality material to manufacture high-quality strings. Our dedication towards providing the best products to our customers helps us in leading the race of the strings anufacture.

The GHS Strings are bound to deliver the best tones, long lasting performances, fit into the needs of the players. We have been collaborating with most of the renowned guitar artists in the world who help us in the string manufacturing process by sharing their inputs. This encourages us to craft new and better strings for our customers to deliver best performances.

The company is known as the Strings Specialists for years by the people who have been using and recommending our strings to everyone around. These are the best strings that you will ever try your hands at and those too at the most affordable prices.

If you are looking forward to buying the GHS Strings then Lawk Star Guitars is the company for you. We have the best range of strings by GHS that we offer at discounted prices. We aim at providing the best quality products to our customers at discounted prices and in the minimum possible time. Visit our website to browse our collection of the strings for a better musical performance.

You will find a full line of strings for fretted instruments like acoustic, classical and electric guitar; banjo; mandolin; electric bass; pedal and steel guitar and more on our website. The company produces the strings with an aim of exceeding the player’s expectations. We offer you to buy the guitar strings at the best-discounted prices that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Dean Guitars V Dave Mustaine Killing Is My Business - NEW 2018

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Dean Guitars introduces another astonishing axe for the die-hard Megadeth fan! This 6-string electric guitar features a solid Mahogany body and neck. Check out the stunning jatoba fingerboard. This guitar is also equipped with DMT Design pickups and 6-in-line Grover tuners.

The custom Megadeth Killing Is My Business graphics are simply stunning. Such an AWESOME PRICE.


V Dave Mustaine Killing My Business is in stock now at LAWK STAR Guitars. FREE SHIPPING!

LAWK STAR Guitars: Best Portland Music Company

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LAWK STAR Guitars is known to be the best Portland Music Company that has a wide variety of guitars and accessories to offer to its customers. It is an online portal that showcases guitars from the best brands in the world. You can choose your favorite brand and the guitar that you like the most.

We are known for offering the best-quality guitars, basses, amplifiers, pedals, effects and other accessories that you won’t be able to find anywhere. The best part about shopping with us is that you get the highest-quality products and outstanding customer service. We aim at providing high-quality products to our customers at the best prices possible.

We can make your guitar buying a lot easier. It is not what it used to be many years ago. With LAWK STAR Guitars, you can buy the best guitars to give yourself a musical treat. Our quality of products is what makes us stand out in the crowd.

We are an online focused music store, however you can visit our Portland, OR facility by appointment. The wide variety of the products from the best brands in the world makes us the best Portland Music Company that is a one-stop destination for every music enthusiast.

To buy a guitar at LAWK STAR Guitars, all you have to do is choose the guitar you want to buy and add it to the cart, choose the payment options and whoa, it’s done. Most instruments ship within 24 hours. We are the best guitar providers and we make sure that our customers are always satisfied with our services because customer satisfaction is what we aim at. We are very sure that you will find the guitar of your dreams. Special orders are available too!

Orange Guitar Amps: The Best Kind of Amplifiers for your Taste

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Orange Guitar Amps are known to be the best guitar amplifiers for the amazing they deliver with every strike. You can easily recognize the Orange amplifiers because of their beautiful picture frame style framing, Tolex covering and bright orange color. Adding to all this, the amazing sound that comes out of these amplifiers is worth dying for. Their distinctive sounds make them on the top of every list.

These are the most popularly sold and bought guitar amplifiers that improve the performance of any performer manifolds. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality amplifier heads and speaker cabinets. Many of the popular artists use these amplifiers for their performance. The artists who use Orange Guitar Amps include John McVie of Fleetwood Mac, Brent Hinds, Glenn Hughes, Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick, Bill Kelliher & Troy Sanders, Scott Holiday of Rival Sons, Stone of Mayday, Andreas Kisser of Sepultura, and Ler of Primus are among others.

Orange was founded in 1960. It is among those companies that helped in the shaping of British amp sound. In the beginning, the Orange amplifier designs used a tube amplification system and ultimately a higher price for every amplifier. Over the years of their expertise and experience, the company has developed a range of solid state and combo amplifiers that deliver the same high-quality of sound and that too at a more affordable price.

Orange amplifiers’ sound is warm and crunchy. This is the reason why most of the guitarists prefer these amplifiers for their perfect balance of rocking distortion and tonal depth. The Orange Guitar Amps have the power or finesse that anybody would look in an amplifier. There is an amplifier model for your variable choices.


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