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There’s never been a better time for lefty bass players than now. With the selection of left-handed bass guitars available, you no longer have to flip the instrument or play it with your right hand. At LAWK STAR, we are proud to offer left-handed bass guitars by D’Angelico and Schecter.

Left-Handed Bass Guitar Buying Guide

  • Body style: While solid-body basses are common, manufacturers also sell semi-hollow and hollow body instruments that have an acoustic-like sound.
  • Neck Type: Bolt-in necks are common in electric basses. In addition to producing a good quality sound, you can change the neck as needed.
  • Pickups: You’ll find passive or active pickups, as well as single- coil, split coil or humbucker pickups on basses. Pickups affect how the instrument sounds and how much control you have over the tone. The best depends on the sound that’s most pleasing to you.

Other factors, such as the wood type, affect how basses feel and sound. At LAWK STAR, we recommend that you buy the best left-handed bass that you can afford for your skill level so you don’t prematurely outgrow it. If you need help finding a left-handed instrument, we’re happy to be of assistance. 

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