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If you love the sound of electric bass guitars, but don’t want deal with electronic equipment, consider an acoustic bass. This type of guitar has a rich resonant sound in the lower registers and sounds great on its own or when played with other acoustic instruments. At LAWK STAR Guitars, we offer an acoustic bass by Breedlove Guitars.

Acoustic Bass Guitar Buying Guide

  • Tonewood: The wood a bass is made from affects how it sounds. If you like how a particular musician sounds, learn about the lumber used on his guitar.
  • Scale: Acoustic basses have short 30-inch scales to extra-long 35-inch scales. The standard is a 34-inch long scale.
  • Number of strings: A bass can have 4 to 12 strings. If you are a beginner, start with a four-string bass. The advance to an instrument with more strings when you’re ready to play with a wider range of sounds.
  • Fingerboard: Place a ruler along the seam between the neck and fingerboard to make sure it’s perfectly straight.
  • Inside the bass: When you look inside the instrument, the blocks at the endpin should not have any cracks. The bass bar near the E-string should be perfectly in place.

At LAWK STAR, quality and your satisfaction are our top priorities. If you’re shopping for an acoustic bass, never hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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