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Guitar Cabinets

After picking out the perfect amp head, a great cabinet will bring your sound to life. Because tone is the Holy Grail for serious players, it’s important to find the right size, power OHM rating and number of speakers. To help showcase your talent, LAWK STAR Guitars offers amp cabinets by some of the top makers in the industry, including: 65amps, Bad Cat, Gallien-Krueger, Paul Reed Smith, Tech 21 and Tone King.

How to Choose the Right Amp Cabinet

Size and Speaker Quantity: As you shop for cabinets, you’ll see numbers like 1x10 or 2x12. These numbers represent the number of speakers and their size. A 2x12 cabinet has two 12-inch speakers. Cabinets with multiple or large speakers are louder and produce a fuller sound. When considering the size of number of speakers, think about the spaces in which you play the most so you can produce an optimal sound.

Cabinet Power: You don’t need a lot of power for a speaker cabinet to sound good. Cabinets with higher wattage ratings are louder. As you browse cabinets, consider the sound you want. If you want quick breakups, for example, your amp’s power rating should be higher than the cabinet’s.

Open verses Closed Backs: Cabinets have open or closed back. If you want some serious volume, one with an open back will do the job because the exposed speakers allow sound to travel further. For a tighter, more controlled sound—and quieter volumes—a closed-back cabinet may be a better choice.

Base your amp cabinet choice on the signature sound you want to produce. If need help finding the right cabinet or recommendations, never hesitate to contact the guitar experts at LAWK STAR.

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