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  • Bad Cat Cub II R 15W Combo, Black/White Bad Cat Guitar Amps
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  • Gallien-Krueger 2001RB Bass Head Gallien-Krueger
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  • Gallien-Krueger MB110 Bass Combo Gallien-Krueger
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  • Gallien-Krueger MB 410 Bass Combo Gallien-Krueger
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  • Gallien-Krueger 410 RBH Bass Cabinet Gallien-Krueger
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    Give your electric guitars or bass a voice with some new amplification from LAWK STAR Guitars. When shopping for an amp, consider where you intend to play, the size, ease of use and the features you want. LAWK STAR offers amps, amp heads and cabinets from these great brands:

    • 65Amps
    • AER
    • Bad Cat
    • Dean Markley
    • Gallien-Kruger
    • Orange
    • Marshall
    • Rockman
    • Schecter
    • Tech 21
    • Tone King

    Guitar Amplifier Buying Guide


    • Stacked amps: Stacked amps have a separate amplifier head and speaker cabinet. Full stacks have two cabinets and an amp head for the ultimate in volume and force; half stacks have one cabinet.              
    • Combo amps: Combo amplifiers combine the amp head and cabinet within a single unit.

    Cabinet Speakers

    Cabinet descriptions list the number of speakers and their size. A 4x12” cabinet, for example, has four 12-inch speakers. In general, smaller speakers produce better high frequencies and larger one produce better bass tones.


    Amps use vacuum tubes, solid-state or digital technologies for sound and power. The technology depends on your sound preference, budget and maintenance requirements. While some consider the tube the king of tone, digital and solid-state amps are generally less expensive and simpler to maintain.


    The higher the wattage, the louder the sound. Base the wattage on the intended venue. For example, a 100-watt stack is amazing for Woodstock-like concerts, while a 10-watt combo amp is better for practicing in an apartment.

    Amps breathe life into guitars. Tell the staff at LAWK STAR about your needs and paired with the perfect amp and configuration.

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