Tuners & Metronomes

Tuners & Metronomes

Less than one percent of the planet’s population has perfect pitch. While more have rhythm, it’s always good to have a little help. Today’s modern metronomes and tuners are digital and compact. At LAWK STAR Guitars, you’ll find pedal tuners, chromatic tuners and combination metronome-tuners and the very popular head stock clip-on tuners.    

Finding the Right Tuner

There is a variety of tuners on the market. By knowing exactly what you need, you’ll narrow down the choices and find the perfect one.

Instrument Considerations

When looking for a digital tuner for your guitar, make sure it will detect its notes. For example, some tuners work for electric guitars, but not acoustic guitars. If you play a variety of guitars or stringed instruments, chromatic tuners detect 12 or more notes. When a tuner has a built-in microphone, you can use it with electric and acoustic instruments. More advanced electronic tuners allow you to calibrate the pitch settings to your needs.

Guitar Tuner Types

  • Clip-on, or headstock, tuner: This type of tuner has a digital display and clips on to a guitar’s headstock.
  • Pedal tuner: Designed so you can see them in low-light conditions, pedal tuners are popular among performers because they sit at your feet and out of the audience’s sight.
  • Tabletop and rack tuners: These tuners are generally compact, making them simple to transport in a case and display on a table. The devices range from models that perform basic tuning functions to those that have a variety of settings and features.

Base the metronome and tuner that you purchase on the type of guitar you play, where you practice the most and your performance needs.  If you would like assistance choosing the best tuner for you, LAWK STAR is more than happy to provide recommendations.

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