A good guitar stand protects your instrument, keeping it safe yet accessible. The best stands keep your instrument rock steady, have pads that won’t discolor or scratch the guitar’s finish, and are convenient to use. LAWK STAR Guitars is proud to offer stands by Planet Waves.

Types of Guitar Stands

  • Headstands: Guitar headstands are foldable tripods that cradle a guitar’s neck when you lay it on the floor or a table.  It’s great for stabilizing your instrument while changing its strings or performing maintenance.
  • Freestanding stands: This type of guitar stand keeps the instrument in an upright position. It’s ideal for performances or for holding a guitar when you’re not ready to put it in its case. 
  • Wall-mounted stands: This stand keeps your guitar off the floor using prongs that you mount onto a wall.
  • Walk-up stands: Created for acoustic guitars, this type of stand holds the guitar for you as you play. This is good if you want to play several instruments at once.

Guitar stands offer peace of mind and convenience. When shopping for one, consider your needs and how you want to set up your practice space. If you need expert guidance, feel free to contact LAWK STAR.   

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