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    The great thing about guitars and basses is that the slightest changes can help improve their performance and tone without the need to send it to a luthier. The advantage of buying guitar and bass parts from a retailer like LAWK START is that you don’t have worry about making it by hand and you don’t have to wait long to hear results.

    Ways to Make a Good Guitar or Bass Sound Great

    • Tighten screws: Loose screws on a guitar or bass can cause rattling noises or impair its sound. As you maintain your guitar, make sure the screws at the bridge, neck and tuners are tight.
    • Change the bridge and endpins: If your acoustic guitar sounds lifeless or dull, consider changing the bridge and endpins with a set made from durable, quality materials.  
    • Upgrade the tuning key on your bass: The tuners on your bass will affect its tone. Heavier tuning keys produce louder primary tones that have more sustain. Lighter ones will make your bass sound more transparent and open.
    • Eliminate feedback: Electric acoustic guitars howl or produce feedback when you play them at loud volumes. Eliminate this problem with a soundhole, a rubber device that covers the guitar’s O-shaped hole.
    • Re-think the tremolo cover: If your guitar has a rear-routed tremolo cavity covered with plastic, remove the plastic cover to see how the noise changes.   
    • Clean the neck: If your guitar or bass has a removable neck, periodically uninstall it and check the cavity for dust and debris.  Then use a fretboard conditioning product.  Don’t let your neck dry out.

    Sometimes a simple change is the missing puzzle piece needed to improve your bass or guitar’s sound. If you are experimenting with your instrument’s sound and need some guidance, LAWK STAR is happy to help.

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