Earasers Hi Fi Ear Plugs Medium

Earasers Hi Fi Ear Plugs Medium

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EARasers’ HiFi earplugs bring you outstanding hearing protection and the ultimate in comfort with their medical-grade silicone design. The soft silicone molds perfectly to the shape of your ears, like custom earplugs, to create a “smart seal” that doesn’t tickle or cause your ears itch or sweat. The technology used in EARasers filters about 19 decibels, protecting your hearing when sounds are around 3,150 hertz and higher. At the same time, the earplugs filter less noise when sounds are around 1,000 hertz or less, allowing you to hear conversations and other softer sounds without them seeming muffled.


Medium-sized EARasers HiFi earplugs fit most males and are good for those who do not want the plugs to sit as close to the ear canal as the smaller size does. If the earplugs feel too big, you have 30 days to exchange them for a smaller size.

Key Chain Stash Can pictured is sold seperately.


• You are able to hear clearly and carry on a conversation in concerts, restaurants, on LOUD STAGES, and more!
• Stage monitors sound like they are supposed to!
• NO MUFFLED SOUNDS, just lower volumes & more clarity!

• 79% of men wear MEDIUM
• 79% of Women and young adults wear SMALL
• Most People know if they have a small ear from their experience with earbuds.

• EARasers don’t plug up your ears or muffle the sound.
• Reduces up to 19dB of high frequency sounds.
• Smart Seal creates a comfortable custom like seal in the ear.
• Won’t tickle, sweat or itch.
• For all instruments or singers.
• Stays in place for hours – doesn’t wiggle out of the ear.
• Nearly invisible to others.
• You can still use the monitor or click track as these don’t fill up the outer ear.

• CLEANING: Do not use alcohol wipes or any chemicals on the EARasers. Use a damp cloth to wipe the soft silicone and use a gentle toothbrush to clean out the tip of any earwax matter.

• A 100% guarantee, if you are not satisfied EARasers will replace them with a new pair within 30 days!

• Custom earplugs can cost $200-$250 plus they don’t always fit well due to the casting process and they wiggle out of the ear with jaw motion.

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"EARaser ear plugs are the first earplugs that I actually feel comfortable playing on stage with. I actually forgot they are in."

Carl Verheyen, Guitarist of Supertramp

"I bought a pair of EARsers. I am in a marching band as well as a rock band. They are the best thing I have ever bought!"


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