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    Drumsticks & Accessories

    Without a pair of drumsticks, a drummer is naked. Drumsticks are an extension of a drummer’s body, and not just any kind will do. The best drumsticks and accessories are those that feel comfortable and balanced, make playing simpler and help you sound great. At LAWK STAR Guitars, you’ll find:

    • Drum mics
    • Drumstick holsters
    • Stick bags
    • Broomsticks
    • Drumsticks
    • Cymbal rattlers

    Drumstick Buying Guide

    • Numbers: The numbers on drumsticks indicate the stick’s circumference. The lower the number, the larger the stick. (The only exception to this rule is the 3S stick, which is larger than a 2B stick.)  
    • Letters: The letters on drumsticks refer to their application.
      • A: Orchestra models designed for playing in dance orchestras and big bands. They tend to be thinnest types of sticks and have softer sounds. Jazz and rock musicians often use A-series sticks.
      • B: Sticks for planning in bands and symphonic orchestras. B-series sticks are generally thinner than S-series sticks, making them simpler to control. Many beginners use B-series sticks, particularly the 2B size.
      • S: Sticks designed for street applications, such as marching bands and drum corps. The thicker sticks lend themselves to louder sounds and greater projection.
    • Wood types: The most common types of drumstick wood are hickory, oak and maple. Hickory is the most popular wood because it is denser, heavier and better at absorbing shocks. Maple’s light weight and low density is great for fast playing and lower volumes. Oak is the densest and heaviest, making it durable.
    • Tips: Wood tips produce softer, warm sounds. Nylon tips create distinct, brilliant sounds. Tip shapes include:
      • Round: Created focused sounds that are good for cymbals
      • Pointed or triangle: Produce medium-focused tones
      • Barrel: Generate more diffused tones
      • Teardrop or olive: Produce a range of sounds depending on how you hold them

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