Cleaning & Product Care Solutions

Cleaning & Product Care Solutions

Your guitar is an investment. It’s your baby, and taking care of your guitar will help it retain its shape, brilliant tones and luster. To make caring for your instrument simple, LAWK STAR Guitars offers a variety of products from Dunlop and Planet Waves that make instrument maintenance a no-brainer.

Guitar Care Tips

  • Wash your hands before playing.
  • Wipe-down your guitar with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth after you finish playing.
  • If your guitar is dusty or dirty, moisten the cloth with a bit of water or a cleanser designed especially for guitars. After using a cleanser or polish on your guitar, wipe it down with a clean cloth to get rid of excess residue.
  • Read the directions on all guitar cleansing and conditioning products. The chemicals in some may damage certain types of wood.
  • Prevent the wood from drying out by using conditioning products.
  • Clean the frets and fretboard after removing the strings.
  • Regularly use a string conditioner to keep the string clean and improve their sound.
  • Have a professional service your instrument at least once a year.

Don’t guess at how to care for your guitar. Always feel free to contact LAWK STAR if you have any guitar care questions.

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