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    Cables & Cable Kits

    When you start mingling in the world of electrically amplified guitars, you’ll soon learn that dealing with cables is an essential part of making music. While guitar cables aren’t one of the most attractive or exciting parts of your setup, they are one of the important. At LAWK STAR Guitars, you find everything you need for your wired setup, from plugs to testers to pedal board kits.

    Guitar Cable Buying Guide

    Balanced versus Unbalanced Cables

    Balanced cables have a balanced electrical signal that run through three wires—a positive, negative and ground wire. The positive and negative wires carry the same signal, but in opposite directions. This is beneficial when there is noise in the wires because the receiving device will flip the signal in one of the wires and cancel out the noise using “common mode rejection.” Balanced cables are generally best for long cable lengths.

    Unbalanced cables are better when the lines are 25 feet or less. They have a positive and ground wire. The positive wire carries the signal, while the ground wire helps isolate it from interference.

    Common Cable Types

    • Instrument cables: Cables used to connect your guitar or bass to an amplifier
    • Patch cables: Cables that link components together
    • Microphone cables: Shielded, balanced cables with XLR, mini-plug, USB or TRS connectors
    • Speaker cables: Thick unbalanced cables that have phone, MDP (banana clip), speakON or binding post connectors
    • Daisy chain cables: A series of patch cables connected together for effects pedal chains

    Common Connector Types

    • TS (tip, sleeve)
    • TRS (tip, ring, sleeve)
    • XLR
    • RCA
    • speakON (twist connector)
    • Banana plug
    • Mini-jack
    • D-subminiature (D-sub)
    • USB
    • MIDI

    By knowing the right type of cable to use with your setup, you ensure your safety and the quality of your sound. LAWK STAR only offers premium cables because we know that when you sound better, you’ll play better.

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