Bridge Pins & Tuning Pegs

Bridge Pins & Tuning Pegs

Acoustic guitars attract so many musicians because they are portable, self-contained units. From your living room to a park to a stage, the only thing that you need to play an acoustic guitar is the instrument itself. The beauty of an acoustic guitar is that minor hardware changes can totally improve and transform your sound. Those who desire greater sustain and tones often seek quality replacement bridge pins and tuning pegs. LAWK STAR Guitars brings you a selection of bridge and end pins from Planet Waves.

Bridge Pin and Tuning Peg Materials

  • Plastic: Plastic is a popular material because it’s simple to find and more affordable than other materials. It’s important to keep in mind that plastic pins and pegs may not improve your tone unless you’re upgrading to a better quality plastic. When purchasing plastic pins, look for those made of strong ABS plastic, as the material naturally becomes increasingly worn with each string change.
  • Boxwood: Producing impressive tones and sustain, this tight-grained wood is strong and beautiful.
  • Ebony: A different type of strong wood, ebony produces bright tones and great sustain.
  • Brass: Bass pins last a lifetime. Its bright tones are best for guitars with excessive bass tones.     

The best type of bridge pin and tuning pegs depends on your budget, desired tone and how you want your guitar to look. For advice about the best type of pins and pegs for your guitar, get in touch with the knowledgeable staff at LAWK STAR.

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