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Apparel - Swag

After you find you signature sound and are ready to hit the stage, your image isn’t complete without the right apparel, swag and accessories. At LAWK STAR Guitars, we believe that your accessories and swag should be as durable and comfortable as your instrument. Instead of dealing with cheap gadgets that you’ll have to replace in a couple of months, we offer quality, durable items that you won’t find in most music stores.

Why Quality Matters   

Whether you’re on stage or jamming with your friends, the last thing you want is an accessory malfunction in the middle of a set. When you buy quality items, you’ll play smarter and more confidently knowing that your swag will withstand your movements (and you won’t have to find a replacement anytime soon).  

Swag for Everyone

The swag you’ll find at LAWK STAR doesn’t only benefit you; it will help your band mates as well. If you have a drummer, a holster for his drumsticks will ensure that he never misses a beat if he accidentally drops a stick during a song. With a device holster that you can anchor onto your belt or guitar strap, you no longer have to keep your instrument’s wireless electronic devices in your pocket, where you can accidentally turn it off or unplug it. Since fanny packs still aren’t cool and never will be, a pocket that you attach to your belt is perfect for guitar picks, tuner, keys, wallets, business cards or anything else you want to tote around while you’re on stage or practicing.

 When you have quality swag and gear, other bands will envy your cleverness.

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