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    Guitar accessories are items that help you play, maintain and care for your instrument. They range from picks to pedal boards, and add convenience and color to your hobby. LAWK STAR Guitars has a comprehensive selection of guitar and drum accessories for practicing, performing, caring for your instrument and protecting your hearing from brands like:

    • Audix
    • Bitchstraps
    • Boss
    • D’Addario
    • DR Strings
    • Dunlop
    • EARasers
    • EMG
    • GHS
    • Hipsot
    • Planet Waves
    • Promark
    • Seymour Duncan
    • SKB

    Must-Have Guitar Accessories

    • Guitar picks: Picks come in a variety of shapes, thicknesses and materials for different types of guitars and playing styles.
    • Cases: Protect your guitar from bumps, scratches and dust with a hard-shell case or gig bag.
    • Strings: Guitar strings lose tension with time and break unexpectedly. A spare set of strings prevents long-term playing interruptions. 
    • Guitar strap: Comfortable straps give your arms extra freedom and the ability to play longer without tiring.
    • Tuner: When you don’t have perfect pitch, a guitar tuner will keep your strings tuned correctly.
    • Music stand: Keep your music at eye-level instead of on the couch.
    • Capo: Change the key of your songs without playing different chords.
    • Cleaning supplies: Dust, oil from your hands and other environmental elements affect how guitars sound. Keep your instrument and strings in top shape by cleaning it regularly.
    • Ear protection: When you’re rocking out with your band, protect your ears so you can keep hearing all the notes in the sweet tunes you love for decades.

    LAWK STAR has all the accessories you need for stage performances, powering your pedals, hooking up amps and fine-tuning your sound.

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